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Horse & Pony Livery

Situated at Boundary, near Ashby de la Zouch THE YARD offers 110 acres of rolling countryside with dry, well drained ground throughout the year.

Choose from...

  • One of our seven 12ft x 12ft outdoor yard stables with a selection of single (1 acre) & double (2 acre) paddocks

  • One of our five 12ft x 12ft indoor stables with a selection of single (1 acre) & double (2 acre) paddocks (opening early New Year)

  • Grazing only in our large dedicated 13 acre paddock

We are very lucky to have so much good pasture which enables us to offer both Summer and Winter grazing with very little restriction.

Although we have extensive grazing, we limit the total number of horses living to ensure good pasture management. This is important for the health of all the horses at THE YARD.

If your preference is for your horse to live in, we have seven outdoor stables (plus a further five indoor stables available in the coming months).

All new arrivals must provide blood tests/swabs and worm counts. Each will have two weeks in quarantine, before they are brought into contact with other horses at THE YARD. Thus you can be confident that your horse is living in a healthy environment.

What we offer...

  • Private and secure yard away from the roads
  • Farm environment which is occupied 24 hours, day and night
  • Plumbed water, electricity & lighting in the yard area
  • Individual, tack spaces
  • Approximately 6 miles of private hacking
  • External stock fencing with mains powered electric wire
  • Internal mains powered double electric tape paddock separators
  • Specialist Kings K35 Horse Paddock mix equine grass established for 12 months
  • On site Chilli Bean cafe (with 10% discount for livery customers)


See below for our full list of part, DIY & on demand livery prices & services. 

Part Livery

We offer ad-hoc services on a regular basis - see lists

D.I.Y Livery

Option One (available now)

Services: Outdoor grazing only in our secure thirteen acre horse paddock

Cost: £80.00 per calendar month

Option Two (available from December 2017)

Services: One of our seven outdoor stables, one acre paddock & tack space.

Cost: £100.00 per calendar month

Option Three (available early 2018)

Services: One of our five indoor stables, one acre paddock & tack space.

Cost: £120.00 per calendar month

Please note: To secure your stable or grazing space we ask for a one month, non-refundable deposit.

DIY Liveries can use our On Demand livery services as required.


On Demand Livery Services (bolt-on's to your standard livery bill) 

We can customise on demand services to meet your various needs. We have itemised a number of the available bundles below. A full list of on demand costs is available, just message us for details.

Put to Bed

Services:  Feed (left outside stable) | Replenish water | Change rug | Skip out

Cost: £5.00 per weekday / £7.00 per weekend day and bank/public holiday

Occasional Daily Full Livery

Services:  Morning feed (left outside stable) | Change rug | Turn out | Muck out | Change water | Bring in | Pick out feet | Prepare and feed hay | Prepare and feed dinner Replenish water | Put to bed

Cost: £12.00 per weekday / £16.00 per weekend day and bank/public holiday

Cost does not include stable rent or provision of food.

Occasional 5-day and one-week Full Livery

Services:  As per occasional full livery, Monday to Friday excluding Bank and Public Holidays. 

Cost: £65.00 for 5 day and £82.00 for 7 day

Feed / Bedding / Hay Supplies

We will supply you with all of your straw bedding and hay as required. Prices vary per season - our current prices are

  • Straw - £3.50 per square bale
  • Hay - £6.00 per square bale

These will be delivered to your tack space for you.

Please note: We do not allow the use of shavings at THE YARD

Trailer and Horsebox Parking

Both permanent and temporary trailer and horsebox parking are available for all our livery clients, our current prices are below.


  • Trailers or small vans - £10 / month
  • Horseboxes - £15 / month


  • Trailers or small vans - £5 / week (or part week)
  • Horseboxes - £7.50 / week (or part week)
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Seven outdoor stables...

Thirteen acres of grazing only and five more indoor stables coming soon!

horse grass.jpeg

110 acres of farmland...

hacking (3).JPG

6 miles of private off road hacking

With access to surrounding villages of Blackfordby and Smisby

Livery yard (10).JPG

Specialist equine grass


Trailer & Horse Box Parking

Chilli Bean Afternoon Tea March 2017 (12).JPG

10% discount


On all purchases in our Chilli Bean cafe

Register your interest...

To register your interest please fill in all of the information on the form below and one of our team will get back to you with details of our interested parties visitor day.

Name *
Please note we have the facilities to livery Mares & Geldings only. No Stallions, Rigs or Colts will be accepted at THE YARD


Livery Additions

You may add to your livery requirements at any time provided you give us at least 24 hours’ notice. Simply select your additions from the comfort of your own home using our simple online booking app.

If you give us less than 24 hours’ notice, we may not be able to meet your requirements. A late notice surcharge applies to all requests received with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Times of Service

Livery services start at 8.00 am and finish at 5.30 pm. Unless otherwise agreed, the timing of services will be managed by THE YARD.

Please note that if you require services on Bank and Public Holidays we must be given 3 days prior notice and you will be charged the higher rates as listed.


Payment for standard Livery Services is monthly in advance.  On demand services are payable via our booking app.  VAT does not currently apply to these services.

If we are unable to complete a task because of an omission on your behalf, you will still need to pay for the service as if it had been provided. 


You are responsible for ensuring that we have access to appropriate food / hay / bedding to fulfill the service requested.   If necessary and with your consent where possible, we will use our own feed / hay / bedding and charge you for the extra time and materials appropriately. 

Please note: The welfare of your horse will be considered of paramount importance in this regard, and we will not knowingly leave horses without feed or hay.


Issued November 2017

Nobody likes too many rules, we all like to rely on our own common sense. 

Sadly though, we in the equestrian community don't all share the same expectations and understanding of how things should be done on the yard. At the risk of pointing out the obvious to yourselves, we have compiled a list of rules and guidance on how the livery yard might be run and on what we might expect of each other.

Our aim is not to be unfriendly, but to be clear on our standards and to provide a livery yard that is clean, safe and functions smoothly to the benefit of all clients.

General Guidance

  • The yard will be available to owners to access from 5.00 am to 9.00 pm  (Unless horses are unwell or you are returning from an away day etc.)
  • The yard means all areas and facilities used by the Owners / Livery Yard Loans at THE YARD , which includes the stables and fields. 
  • Staff will be available for assistance between the hours of 8.00am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and 8.30am and 5.00pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • All Owners are required to handle and manage their horses in accordance with BHS best practice guidelines at all times.
  • Liveries must ensure THE YARD has up to date registration forms and copies of insurance and vaccination records for your horse.
  • Children under the age of 14 are not permitted on the yard unless they are under the supervision of an appropriate adult.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the Yard at any time.
  • The Yard has a no smoking policy.  You are not permitted to smoke while on site.
  • Any injuries, accident or damage must be reported to the main office as soon as possible.
  • Riding without a riding hat (to standard PAS 015 or BS EN 1384) and suitable footwear is not permitted at any time.
  • All vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas (overnight parking is not permitted unless by prior arrangement).
  • Please ensure lights are switched off, taps are not left running or unattended, and litter is thrown in the bins provided.
  • Please empty wheelbarrows and skips onto the slurry heap.
  • We will endeavour to keep the Yard clean and tidy but Owners / Riders and their contractors are responsible for ensuring that the area around their stable, the front of their tack room and other areas used by them are kept clean and tidy.  Please ensure that you clear up droppings / hair etc. on the Yard after you have finished grooming, shoeing etc.  A cleaning charge of £5.00 may be made if we have to clean up any owners mess left on the yard.  
  • Wheelbarrows, tools and other items left in an unsafe location or lying outside tack rooms will be removed by staff and made secure.  A handling charge of £5.00 per item may be made for each item removed.

Horse Care and Turnout

  • All horses must be vaccinated against equine flu and tetanus.
  • You may only turn out horses into fields designated by THE YARD.
  • Unless expressly agreed with the Owner, no horse must be left alone in the paddock or any of the fields at the end of the day.  If you see a lone horse and you are not able to contact the owner, please advise the office or one of the staff.
  • Geldings and mares will be maintained in single sex herds.
  • The Yard reserves the right in consultation with owners to plan and manage herd size and composition together with paddock allocation governed by field conditions.
  • Hacking on farm routes is subject to both ground conditions and movements of other livestock.
  • Unless the weather dictates otherwise, the following “rules of thumb” will apply:
    • Summer day turnout – turned out between 6.00 am and brought in by 7.00 pm
    • Summer night turnout – turned out by 9.00 pm or before sunset if earlier and brought in by 9.00 am.  For security and safety reasons, the Owner must write down in the Livery Book every day that their horse is on overnight turnout.
    • Reduced hours - Winter turnout.  Max of 4 hours turnout – with turnout between daybreak and sunset.  
    • Please note that winter turnout will be weather dependant.  If poor weather prevails, we reserve the right to close the fields completely until  the weather improves.
  • It is not recommended that owners turn out or bring in other than in daylight hours and staff will only turn out and bring in during daylight hours.
  • It is advised that Owners / Riders should wear their riding hat and gloves when turning out and bringing in their horses.