Please read through the below points thoroughly.

Penning animals

Animals need to be penned and wearing halters ready for our arrival. The pen should be in an area close to the shearing station and both areas should be undercover and with shade for sunny days. The pen should be a size that is big enough to give animals space but small enough so catching is as easy and calm as possible.


We will need to unload our shearing equipment as close to the shearing area as possible. You will need to ensure that we have vehicle access next to or reasonably close to the shearing area. If this is not possible then you must inform us when booking

Shearing area

The shearing area you provide should be undercover and measure approximately 16ft x 16ft (or 6-7m between anchor points if outside). We need anchor points placing in opposite corners of the shearing area so we are able to tie our ropes and secure the animals. These should be fixed between 12” and 18”  above ground level. We are able to tie off from solid stationary objects where anchoring is not possible. Please ask if you need advice on this.

Electrical points

We need electricity to power our shears and, when required, our teeth trimmers. If you are in an isolated area that has no power we are able to bring our portable generator with us. This must be booked and paid for when you book your shearing.

Bad weather / wet/ dirty alpacas

We are unable to work with damp, wet fleece or fleece that is full of grit as our shearing equipment will not work on damp or wet fibre. It is your responsibility to provide us with clean and dry animals for shearing. If rain is forecast you must prevent your animals from getting wet by sheltering them prior to shearing

If on our arrival, we find your alpacas are wet we will be unable to shear, we can reschedule, however, a further set up fee will be required to cover the cost of travel.

Fleece collection and samples

It is your responsibility to collect and bag your fleece as it comes off the animals, for this you must make sure you are prepared. Please ensure you read our Shearing Guidelines in order that you can feel as confident and organised as possible for the day. If you do not wish to use your fleece we can take it away for you, please let us know if this is the case and we will bring bags with us.

We are able to offer advice on fleece collecting and options for what to use your fleece for, what mills to use etc. Just give us a call or drop us an email leading up to your shearing day.


Our promise to you...

Arrival dates and times.

We travel to and from our own farm during the shearing season. This ensures we can guarantee your choice of shearing date and time. If we are going to be unavoidably delayed due to bad weather, traffic or any other circumstances out of our control we will ensure that you are updated on our arrival time.

Once you have booked and paid you can relax in the knowledge that we will arrive as planned on your chosen date. We will call you a few days prior to shearing to ensure you are prepared and ready for the day.

Shearing routine

We ensure the comfort, safety and well being of your animals at all times. We shear at the speed that we feel best suits the alpacas - slow enough for them to feel safe and calm and fast enough that they are not tied down for an extended period of time. Our restraining equipment is secure, safe and especially designed to suit your animals.

We take great care in cutting the saddle fleece cleanly and recommend that you remove it from the shearing area as soon as it leaves the animal. This is to ensure the fibre isn't contaminated with any coarse leg or belly fibre that we remove second.

Herd size limits

We prefer to shear in an environment that is calm and stress free for both you and your animals. Because of this we find that a cap of 30 to 35 animals a day works best. Please take that into consideration when booking, if you have any questions regarding this please do contact us.

Other services

We provide optional feet and teeth care and can offer guidance on your herds general health (not veterinary but based on experiences with our own animals) this includes advice on weight, parasites and body score condition.

Please contact us if you have any other questions. 

We look forward to seeing you on shearing day.