Alpacas are extremely hardy and very easy to look after however, it does take time to gain knowledge on giving the right care and meeting their needs.

If you have no previous experience with alpacas or are a brand shiny new owner this may be a little daunting for you.

We understand how you feel... we were in your shoes once!

We want to make your alpaca experience as pleasurable as possible which is why we offer advice to our clients on all aspects of alpaca care - from feeding and halter training to husbandry and vaccinations (and all the other little jobs in between).

Alpacas have simple needs and are inexpensive to keep but it is important to know the right way to care for them.

Please contact us if you need any advice or support, we are always happy to advise where we can. 

Our Services

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed or just need a bit of initial support while you gain confidence in your animal care we can help...

We offer an on-going care service that can be tailored for you. From cria care and annual vaccinations to quarterly toenail trimming we can be there to support you as much as you need. These services are offered at competitive rates and can be as regular as you wish.

We also offer a professional shearing service so you can feel confident that all eventualities are covered.


We currently offer two specialised alpaca courses run by us at our farm, working with our animals...

Follow the links to read more about these two informative and fun workshops.

Be a happy, confident and contented alpaca owner with full support from us.