Lucy & Mr T

Lucy and Mr T

I have been meaning to write this blog for ages now, but in true Mr T fashion, we thrive in last minute situations.

I'm currently on a train to Liverpool and so I'll do the best introduction to Mr T that I can muster out of this packed carriage. Mr T is an 8 year old 15hh Welsh section D cross that I've had for about 2 years now, I'd love to say he's matured in this time we've spent together but alas, I cannot lie to our readers. It's been quite a journey filled with broncs, bucks and general out-of-controlness(?) however I can safely say I will never regret letting this boy barge his way into my life.

Mr T!

Mr T!

One of our very first show jumping competitions together has to be the dictionary definition of 'winging it'. We rocked up with 5 minutes to spare due to trailer problems (dad was rejoicing as he thought he'd get out of towing) and every time we landed a jump my first thought was "oh Christ, which way next?!". Despite this our skill of working with what we've got came through as we managed a second place! It's been onwards and upwards since then, Ts been earning his keep by continuing to impress me with his jumping skills and somewhat ability to stay the right way up. He's a beast round a XC course, our first national hunter trial we came 6th out of 20, which made all the stress very worth while.

A few weeks ago I suffered an ever so slight severe concussion from a bad XC country fall. I know what you're thinking- but it wasn't Ts fault, from what I've been told (as I have no recollection of this day) he soldiered on like a champ and my melon self flopped off from my inability to sit back over the ditches on the island (riding 101 am I right?!?) regardless of this as soon as I was allowed back in the saddle we entered the forest cross 80cm and won!! I've often been asked if I was scared to get back on, but why be scared of something you can't remember? Fearless or foolish, I'll let you decide.

Mr T Resting

T’s a marmite of a horse but he will forever have a place in my heart, stay tuned for our antics to come.

From Lucy and Mr T