Charlotte and King

Well.... I’m sat in bed on my laptop at 2am on a school night. Can’t wait to get up tomorrow! However considering I’m already at the point where I have no clue what I’m doing and deprived of sleep from the past week, let’s talk about the mishaps with King recently.


When people told me that thoroughbreds are in need of a lot of TLC, I didn’t think they meant my horse would practically have his own stable at our vets and they would ask on his progress from last time they saw him, and funnily enough it would always be in the past month! But, more specifically, let’s talk about his most recent illness that plunged a bit further in to my mums bank account, sorry mum!

We came up to the yard on a Sunday as normal, to see King wasn’t at the door as he usually is when he’s disgusted that he doesn’t have his breakfast at 7:00 like normal. I brought him outside to give him his breakfast when he turned his nose up at it. Now this might not seem like a huge deal, but if you knew king this was the equivalent to a child turning down sweets it just doesn’t happen. By this point I had clocked that something wasn’t quite right so I got my mum and she began to walk him round in a field to see if he peeked up. He got slightly worse and it slowly became clear that he had colic. For those who don’t know, colic is like a really bad stomach ache for horses and in some scenarios can kill them, so as you can imagine we weren’t thrilled with this news.

We called a vet and he came out after a short while. The news then came that he was also blocked, which resulted in multiple injections, a hand up his bum and a tube down his nose. Me and mum stayed with him for hours, and can I say, thank god for the cafe which we went to for hourly hot drinks, while we had to wait for him to poo. Lovely, I know!

Hours passed and he still hadn’t pood, so we called the vet out for the second time that day as the vet requested that we got him seen again. So we did the same as before and I’m pretty sure if king wasn’t so sedated he would’ve felt very violated. He got checked multiple times during the night and he managed to poo. Finally all over, right?

Well, wrong. Let’s go back to the fact king likes to surprise us with injuries and take our money! I brought him in after school on the Monday and he was a happy horse again. I gave him dinner and put him to bed. Just to put my mind at ease I waited for him to poo. I waited. And waited. And waited. The next thing we knew he was lying down. For most horses this is normal, but not king. As soon as he sees me he would jump up, but he didn’t. He just lay there. This is a MASSIVE sign of colic and I began to get anxious.


This is the part of the story where I realise how much I appreciate my yard. King had to go into the vets for 24 hour observation and had to be taken straight away. As it would most people this got me very emotional. My mum was working so Sue took me there with Maddie, even though they hadn’t sorted zaffi. Everyone there at the time helped out, got together and got zaffi sorted so we could take king in. I reallyappreciate everything that all the people did for us at that moment in time. It meant that king got the treatment he needed. he stayed there for 2 nights. He came home on the Wednesday and he seems happy. So that’s where I’m at now. Now 3am on the Thursday morning still worrying if he’s okay as it’s all I’ve done for the past few days. However I have no doubt that he will be better and make a full recovery!

Now we’re waiting for the vet bill!!!

Charlotte and King xoxo