My first blog...

Well, where do i start?

My first blog... 

This could be interesting if i do say so myself, well thats what i could say about my life!

Two of my own horses and seven years of riding experience, I've had my fair share of achievements, victories and laughs, but along with 
this came flips, tumbles and injuries. But i can safely say that im still going strong and doing what i love.
so, my first pony, Dash! She's an eight year old 12.2hh Welsh Section B mare, and what a pony she is! Like butter wouldn't melt, 
surely for her size she'd be safe, right? My learning curve was more of a vertical line!! 

I've never rode a pony with more sass and attitude than her. She's so stubborn and we have definitely had our fair share of disagreements,
she wants to go one way and i want to go the other. 

She has been unmanageable at times whilst riding her, but I suppose i saw potential in her from the start, and i was right. I have turned a crazy games 
pony to a crazy all-rounder! She's a strong but bold jumper with a beautiful spring on her AND very small but fast legs, she's a very willing 
pony and i could trust her with my life. I've had her roughly a year and a half now, and shes made me a better rider than i could have ever
imagined! We achieved a one metre fence the other week and I've never been prouder of her, she's gone from not knowing how to jump to being
able to jump that! Unfortunately she is leaving me at the end of May and is being sold. She is my safety blanket (that's actually not so 
safe) and has made me who i am today, so watching her leave will be the hardest thing i will have ever have to do, but it's what is best for her
and I can't wait to see what she can achieve at her new home!

Horse number 2, King... 

Had a bit of a leap between Dash and King. I was looking for a sweet 14.2hh that i could get on and go out and compete with
straight away.  Something that had been there and done that, and that could push me to jump better and be more confident. 
2 weeks into the search and we received a message from a woman saying that she thought she had a horse that might be suitable.  

A six year old American Thoroughbred, an ex-racehorse no less!! He certainly  wasn't what we were looking for but as he was quite local,we went.

It was worth taking our time and looking about.  We needed to get our horse browsing skills up to date, I mean, we had never really done this before! 
So we go to the yard and see a very tall, very leggy beautiful horse. He was young but he had exceptional manners. 

First visit we examined the horse with our own eyes, running our hands over him and lifting feet etc just some of the things that we had been told to do by other 

My mum wasn't convinced and said that she felt we were missing a stage, however I had pretty much fallen in love.  He was so gentle and respectful around me, almost as if he realised I was much smaller and  breakable !!

We decided to go back so I could ride him, he seemed happy enough and I rode him multiple times before we finally agreed that we would have him on full loan at my yard where dash was kept and so begins his story.

To cut a long story short, whilst out in the field one day, or possibly whilst rolling in the stable King injured himself and after a few days was checked out by the vet.  He had an acute suspensory ligament injury and required eight weeks box rest, medication and regular treatment, even having a couple of sleepovers at the veterinary hospital !!!!!  

Fast forwaerd a few months and we began to bring him back into work and he's the most hard working horse I know. He always tries his best for me, and helps me to achieve our goals, making him fitter and stronger! 
We are now flying over cross country fences and working mainly in an outline. He never fails to make me smile, which became more so when my birthday came round, and my mum had bought him for me!!I'd never been more happy about anything, and so our journey oficially begins!

So, I have a 12.2hh pony and a 16hh horse, and they have made the hard work, sweat and tears pay off, and I couldn't be more excited to see

what our adventures bring us.