We have chosen to focus our breeding towards a select number of colours and shades. Starting with our premium black animals (Chris’s personal favourite) leading through to the golden lustrous shades of fawn. We, of course, will always continue to breed our staple whites which are perfect if you intend to dye your harvested fleece.

When breeding our pedigree alpacas we observe all traits and aim to create a universal standard for each of our animals. We look for a number of qualities including, but not limited to, superior fleece structure, good strong conformation of body and striking bloodline histories. These factors are all so very important and are why we firmly believe that by purchasing any of our animals you will make a magnificent start in building your own valuable and prized herd.

We attend all of the large alpaca shows and are building up a nice portfolio of award winning animals.


Already own Alpacas?

If you fancy adding some new bloodlines or want to find an animal to compliment your own alpacas, please do contact us for advice.

No time or space?

If you are keen to begin your alpaca adventure and are interested in breeding but feel you don't have enough time or space to become a full time alpaca owner we do have a solution for you…

Our exclusive livery service means that we do all the hard work, leaving you free to focus on developing and more importantly enjoying your small herd.

As well as basic “bed and breakfast” for your animals we take care of all routine health checks, immunisations and vaccinations. We are also freely available for advice in any regards to the care, maintenance and breeding of your animals.

I need Alpacas in my life! ...what now?

The first step is an initial visit to our farm where Chris is waiting to discuss all options available with you, this ensures your confidence in making an educated decision. We want you to be happy in your choices so that your buying journey is a smooth, effortless one..


Please contact us to get your visit arranged.


All our clients know that they can contact us for advice at anytime...